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Crime and Punishment

Edexcel history GCSE More

GCSE History: Guide to planning and teaching Edexcel 9-1 GCSE

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Crime and Punishment More

How to get the best out of the Edexcel Crime and Punishment 9-1 GCSE unit


Pentonville More

Crime and Punishment for Edexcel 9-1 GCSE

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Rope More

Crime and Punishment 1000AD to today: An overview

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Hanging More

What factors are important in the history of crime and punishment?


Saxons More

Was Saxon crime prevention primitive or sophisticated?

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Battle of Hastings More

Is Simon Schama right? Did William totally change Saxon crime prevention?


Durham Knocker More

Medieval Murder: Changing crime prevention in the late Middle Ages


Bonfire More

Why were Monarchs so worried about new crimes 1500 – 1700?

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Mystery enquiry More

Mystery enquiry: Why were ‘they’ punished so harshly?


witch craze More

Was England really hit by a witch craze in the 17th century?


Bloody Code More

Why was the Bloody Code introduced? Evaluating a dodgy internet site

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crime prevention early modern period More

What does Mary Jones’ story reveal about Early Modern crime prevention?

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Which 'new' crimes were the authorities most worried about in the Industrial Period? More

Which ‘new’ crimes worried the authorities in the Industrial Period?


Transportation More

Was transportation to Australia a success?

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John Howard reformer More

Which reformer most deserves to go on the back of a £5 note?

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Hogarth execution More

Why was the Bloody Code abolished in the 1820s – 1830s?

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When in the 19th century was it the best time for John Walker to go to prison? More

When in the 19th century was it the best time for John Walker to go to prison?

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Law enforcement More

Did anyone really bother to enforce the law properly 1700-1900?

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Was there anything new about 20th century crime? More

Was there anything new about 20th century crimes?

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DNA Alec Jefferies More

How much did the police-force change after 1900?

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20th century More

Did the 20th century see the biggest change in the punishment of offenders?

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hand cuffs More

When was the safest time in history to steal?

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