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Mystery enquiry: Why were ‘they’ punished so harshly?

conspirators2This is the second time we use a  enquiry approach in this edexcel crime and punishment course.

It helps develop independent thinking and we think it makes for good history. The class work out Why were ‘they’ punished so harshly.

The ‘they’ are obviously the Gunpowder Plotters. But don’t tell the class that when you teach ’em,

The Edexcel course asks for you to look at the case study of the Gunpowder Plot: their crimes and punishments. It also asks you study continuity and change in crimes against property, person and authority including treason. The GPP covers the treason aspect this well.

You start with a slow reveal of  a brutal image, your students listen to a description of four men being hung, drawn and quartered before hypothesising about their crime. More clues are dripped in and this process is repeated.

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