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Key Stage 3: The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages More

What happened during the Middle Ages: An overview

Edward the Confessor More

Who should be the next King?

Bayeaux Tapestry ships More

Was England ripe for invasion in 1066?

Harold Godwinson More

What problems did Harold face in the summer of 1066?

Battle of Hastings More

What happened at the Battle of Hastings? A role play

Battle of Hastings reconstruction More

Has the Battle of Hastings artist done his homework?

Norman conquest More

For people living at the time, was the Norman Conquest a change for the better?

Marc Morris More

Did the historian Marc Morris get it right about the significance of the Norman Conquest?

Battle of Hastings More

Is Simon Schama correct about the Battle of Hastings?

Richard the Lionheart More

Revealing who was the real Richard the Lionheart

King John More

Was King John really nasty, selfish and terrible?

Crossrail archeology More

The mystery of the Charterhouse Square skeletons

Rat More

Why should we bother learning about the Black Death?

Death of Wat Tyler More

Is Wat Tyler significant enough to have a park named after him?

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