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For people living at the time, was the Norman Conquest a change for the better?

Norman conquestThis enquiry tackles the concept of change head-on. It uses story telling and brings to life 5 diverse characters from the Norman Period.

Your students will start off evaluating a contemporary source, a monk’s description of William’s legacy.

Next, your class will be introduced to the 5 different characters from the period. Each one will tell their own story.

Your student’s task is to decide how much each person’s life changed, decide how positive that change was and use ‘change’ language to explain the nature of the change.

If you want to know what they say, why not listen to Alan of Richmond, by clicking on the play button here?


Once they have listened to each character (and read about them using the hand-outs), your students then discuss the extent and nature of the change.

The enquiry ends with a piece of extended writing that answers the enquiry question.

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