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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Norman Conquest – 6 lesson knowledge rich enquiry SOW free download.

Norman ConquestDownload this free knowledge-rich plan for a 6-hour study into the impact of the Norman Conquest.

After teaching the one lesson thematic overview for the entire Key Stage 3 course, we recommend you teach our one lesson overview showing what actually happened during the Middle Ages. This will provide your pupils the big picture overview need to hang their forthcoming knowledge on.

Next, why not teach this 6 lesson enquiry on the Norman Conquest. It centres around the big question: Does Marc Morris get it right about the significance of the Norman Conquest? You can view the final lesson in the series here.

The free downloadable scheme provides you with the core knowledge each lesson delivers and the first order concepts / key terms each lesson will focus on.

You can download this scheme of work document for free here:

Download Scheme of Work

Download PDF


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