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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

GCSE America 1919-41

Statue of Liberty More

The USA in the 1920s – 11 enquiry saver package


Ford More

Why was there an economic boom in the 1920s?

US Economic Boom poster More

Who shared in the US economic boom of the 1920s?

Henry Ford More

How should we remember carmaker Henry Ford?

Rudolph Valentino More

Hollywood scandals: Can you predict the contents of the Hays Code? 

The Great Gatsby More

Is Daisy Buchanan representative of American women in the 1920s? 

Sacco and Vinxetti More

Were Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti innocent? 

Prohibition event in Canada More

Why did Prohibition fail in America in the 1920s?


Rosewood More

Why did the village of Rosewood disappear? 

The Monkey Trial More

What was America’s Monkey Trial all about?

Al Capone More

Does Al Capone embody the American Dream?

USA Depression cartoon More

What can a cartoon tell us about the causes of the Great Depression?

Great Depression - queue More

The Cinderella Man: a metaphor for 1920s America?

1920s Skyscraper building More

What should go on the cover of a book about USA 1919-41?