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Is Daisy Buchanan representative of American women in the 1920s? 

The Great GatsbyHow far is the character Daisy Buchanan representative of American women in the 1920s?

This lesson focuses on the nature and scope of the changes affecting American women’s lives in the 1920s.

It looks closely at the fictional character of Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, therefore providing plenty of opportunity for cross-curricular development.

Your class will look at the trailer to the 2013 film to establish what Daisy is like and compare her to a ‘traditional’ American women.

Next students consider a range of evidence before evaluating the extent to which Daisy is representative of American women.

The end product can either be a fictional letter from her country cousin imploring Daisy to change her ways, or a classic exam answer, you choose!

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