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The USA in the 1920s – 11 enquiry saver package

Statue of LibertyProven to raise standards, why not save yourself time and money and teach great lessons?

Download our entire coherent 1920’s USA  package.

It is fully resourced and includes 11 key enquiries designed to inspire and challenge your  classes. This tried and tested, well thought approach gives you all the resources you need to teach this fascinating decade  at your fingertips.

Let’s make our  lessons, less ‘death by exam question’. Instead these lessons develop high levels of engagement,  show your students the value of history as a commodity, promote active learning throughout and develop higher order thinking skills.

All enquiries have really interesting and motivating content, quirky approaches and great activities. Each lesson has been planned carefully to ensure that your students make progress.

If your school is obsessed with exam answers, we have also built into each enquiry a potential exam question end. The choice of exam foci is well balanced and will show your classes what they do to answer certain key questions.

Lessons included:

Why was there an economic boom in the 1920s?
Who did and didn’t share in the economic boom?
How should we remember Henry Ford?
Cinema scandals: Can you predict the content of the Hayes Code?
How far was fictional character Daisy Buchanan representative of 1920s American women?
Were Sacco and Vanzetti innocent?
History Mystery – Why did the village of Rosewood disappear in 1923? (experience of Black Americans)
What was the Monkey Trial?
Does Al Capone embody the American Dream?
Why did prohibition fail?
What can a 1927 cartoon reveal about the US economic collapse of 1929?

Download the entire package and save £25 on the cost of individual lessons.

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