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Key Stage 3: 20th Century

Emily Davison More

Was Emily Davison a Martyr for the Suffragette cause?


Votes for Women More

How and why did the Suffragettes become more extreme?



How much can a German satirical map tell us about the causes of WW1?

Franz Ferdinand More

Preparing a news bulletin about the start of World War One


How can we use Charlie Byrne’s diary to challenge misconceptions about the Western Front?

Clara Haber More

Why did Clara Haber kill herself in May 1915?


WW1 Trench More

How can we check if photographs from World War One are faked?


Why was Margaretha MacLeod executed in 1917?


Poppies More

Why was World War One described as ‘Great’?

Sarah Barnes' locket More

Sarah Barnes’ World War One Memorial Campaign



Could you create a more fitting memorial for those who died in the global war?

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What did the artists of the Panthéon de la Guerre want to tell us about the First World War?

Lenin More

Should your history department spend money on Lenin artefacts?


Lenin More

What really happened in Petrograd in October 1917?

Prohibition event in Canada More

Why did Prohibition fail in America in the 1920s?


1930s family picture More

What was life like in Britain during the 1930s?


Why did James Maley go to Spain?

The Battle of Cable Street More

Was the Battle of Cable Street a turning point in the fight against British Fascism?


How should we remember Winston Churchill?


Birkenau More

Was the Holocaust during World War Two inevitable?

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Nazi Soviet pact More

Can you solve the mystery of the Nazi-Soviet Pact?

Concentration Camp More

What can a song tell us about life in a Nazi Labour Camp?

Yalta conference More

Yalta ‘Big Three’ World War Two Conference Role Play

The Blob More

What do 1950s sci-fi movies reveal about American fears and attitudes to the Cold War?

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Nuclear bomb More

How close did the Cold War come to Nuclear War? 

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Vidal Sassoon More

Vidal Sassoon mystery: What was Vidal up to in the 40s and 50s?


How much had really changed for women by the end of the 1960s?


My Lai More

Why did American soldiers shoot at My Lai?


The Falklands Syndrome: What were the consequences of the Falklands War?

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