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How should we remember Winston Churchill?

Winston Churchill is a very contentious figure. Many in Britain remember him as the man who led the country to victory against the Nazis. However, in other colonial countries, Churchill is viewed very differently.

This digital enquiry gets to the very heart of this debate. It looks at Churchill’s relationship with the Empire as well as Churchill the politician.

Your students will work online using downloadable word documents.

The brilliant thing about word processing is that students can manipulate large amounts of knowledge relatively quickly. By using laptops and copy and paste, you eliminate a lot of the barriers that often stop some of your students really thinking deeply. Here, you are encouraging them to think (and therefore remember).

They will evaluate the three-stages of Churchill’s career: 1900-1939, 1940-41 and 1900-45, then select their 5 most important facts to explain how successful Churchill was during each stage.

Armed with this knowledge your students will critically evaluate this BBC news documentary explaining if they think it is a fair representation of how we should remember Winston Churchill. Here they show off their writing skills.

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  • Lesson presentation: PowerPoint
  • Worksheet 1-7: Word

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