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Introductory Lessons

Harold Godwinson More

What problems did Harold face in the summer of 1066?

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Pilgrimage 1 More

Why on earth would anyone go on a medieval pilgrimage?

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Rat More

Why should we bother learning about the Black Death?


Henry VIII More

Inside the mind of Henry VIII Decision-maker

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Henry VIII More

Should the National Portrait Gallery sell Henry VIII cushions?

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Elizabeth dancing More

Was the Elizabethan period a ‘golden age’ of culture for Elizabethans?

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Zulu More

Was Letitia Bunting right to walk out of Zulu? 

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Hugh Trevor Roper More

How well connected was Early Modern Africa? Challenging Hugh Trevor Roper.

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The Fighting Temeraire More

How much did life in Britain change during the years 1750-1900?

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How much can the Olympic opening ceremony tell us about the Industrial Revolution?

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Bill Sykes More

Why was Bill Sykes transported?

Gladstone statue More

Blood on Prime Minister William Gladstone’s Statue

DNA Alec Jefferies More

How much did the police-force change after 1900?

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Sarah Barnes' locket More

Sarah Barnes’ World War One Memorial Campaign


Lenin More

Should your history department spend money on Lenin artefacts?



How should we remember Winston Churchill?


Jamaica stamp More

Black Britain: Was Lord Kitchener Right? Was London the ‘Place to be’?


Radio Studio More

A Radio Discussion about the history of Black Britain

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