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Black Britain: Was Lord Kitchener Right? Was London the ‘Place to be’?

Jamaica stampBlack Britain: Was Lord Kitchener Right? Was London the ‘Place to be’?

What with the Windrush scandal and the Black Lives Matter protests, it has never been more important that you teach a diverse and balanced curriculum. This cracking enquiry will help your students learn about the early experiences of the Windrush generation.

Based around the now-famous calypso song, ‘London is the Place for Me’ by Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts), the students analyse his lyrics, and use real eye witness material to decide if his song reflects other people’s experiences.

Can there be a better end product than writing your own song? Armed with historical knowledge, that is exactly what they students have to do – a more accurate one than Kitchener’s – or, if they are not happy with song composition, they could write an essay?!

Download lesson

  • Lesson presentation: PowerPoint
  • Lesson write-up: PDF
  • Resource 1 – London Lyrics: PDF
  • Resource 2 – Sources of Black Experiences: PDF
  • Resource 3 – Sources differentiated: PDF
  • Resource 4 – Eye-witnesses cards : PDF
  • Resource 5 – Spectrum Statements: PDF

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