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History Homework

HistoryHomework.com has been developed to help you assess each of your students’ progress in their GCSE course. It has been designed to cut down your workload and give you insightful knowledge on how each individual you teach is progressing.

You simply select any aspect of the GCSE unit that you teach and set an engaging online quiz for your students to complete either for homework or in class.

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To find out more about the quizzes,  read this blog.

This short video shows some of the different question-types your students’ will face.

The tests are instantly marked and you receive vital gap analysis data showing you how well their knowledge is growing under the following areas:

  • Key terminology
  • Chronological understanding
  • Substantive knowledge
  • Second Order Conceptual thinking
  • Use of contemporary sources
  • Ability to evaluate historical interpretations

The data can be viewed in a number of ways making it easy for you to decide how best to plan the rest of your course.

This short film shows you the teachers’ view:

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