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History Homework

HistoryHomework.com has been developed to help you assess each of your students’ progress in their GCSE course. It has been designed to cut down your workload and give you insightful knowledge on how each individual you teach is progressing.

You simply select any aspect of the GCSE unit that you teach and set an engaging online quiz for your students to complete either for homework or in class.

This short blog describes how HistoryHomework.com works, reduces your workload and boosts attainment. Read the blog here.

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To find out more about the quizzes, read this blog.

To see 5 top tips for using the tests read this blog.

This short video shows some of the different question-types your students’ will face.

The tests are instantly marked and you receive vital gap analysis data showing you how well their knowledge is growing under the following areas:

  • Key terminology
  • Chronological understanding
  • Substantive knowledge
  • Second Order Conceptual thinking
  • Use of contemporary sources
  • Ability to evaluate historical interpretations

The data can be viewed in a number of ways making it easy for you to decide how best to plan the rest of your course.

This short film shows you the reports you get as a teacher:

How to access www.HistoryHomework.com

You can sign up for www.historyhomework.com here, or you can become a premium member of History Resource Cupboard.

What people have been saying about HistoryHomework.com

‘HistoryHomework.com is an incredibly powerful tool. Not only does it save you time, but it will provide analysis that will inform planning. A real game-changer! Students love it, the staff love it. High levels of engagement, varied topics, very easy for students to use.’

‘A superb way to promote knowledge retention as well as an exam focus. Students can easily access on all devices and the data it provides teachers with is second to none – highly effective AFL tool.’
Bee Speechley, Nunnery Wood High School, Worcestershire.


“I’ve been using HistoryHomework.com for the last two years and can honestly say it has transformed our homework at GCSE. The set up for 140 students took no longer than 2 minutes and was ready to go immediately. You have access to a variety of quizzes that are all tailored to the GCSE spec and even tests them on question stems.’

Absolutely fantastic. A lifesaver in terms of time and keeping track of homework. We wouldn’t set homework any other way. ‘Jordan Hobbis, Studley High School, Warwickshire

‘The homework tasks are going really well. Really positive feedback from the students.  My staff really like them as well. Interleaving was an area of improvement for us so historyhomework.com fits the bill perfectly. Keep up the good work.’ James Rumsey, Isleworth & Syon School, Middlesex

‘I really think historyhomework.com, aside from solving the ‘what am I going to set for homework’ dilemma and the ‘I’ve got so much marking’ problem, is fostering new lines of communication with the students. I’ve had more emails regarding getting their homework done properly than ever before and they are engaging with it. Thank you for this wonderful tool!’Nathalie Harty Burgate School, Fordingbridge

‘We have been so impressed by your www.HistoryHomework.com that we have now invested for our Year 11 students and will be investing for our Year 10 students too.’Mr C. Trengove Head of History, Sidmouth College

www.historyhomework.com is a great resource for history teachers and their pupils. Challenged with a knowledge-rich curriculum, it is invaluable to have an online tool that helps consolidate substantive knowledge. But this is not a simple online quiz tool – it’s assessment for learning at it’s best. Pupils are encouraged to think through their responses to matching tasks, chronological timelines or question stems and learn through the process. The ability to get instant feedback helps identify emerging areas of strength and directs pupils to revisit, rethink and recognize the right answers.

Teachers using this with a whole class can quickly identify what needs more attention in a recap or follow up lesson. The authors have thought carefully about the order and scope of each unit including how factual recall will build a clearer understanding of the past and how this can be drawn upon to challenge interpretations, build causal reasoning or start to interrogate an original document. Like all good history, it blends knowledge with historical understanding. Whilst it serves the wider purpose of helping teachers teach good history, it, of course, serves as a valuable revision tool which not only refreshes pupils’ recall but gets them to think about how GCSE examinations are structured and the kinds of questions they will encounter.Professor Simon James Thompson, Head of Education, University of Sussex