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Key Stage 3: Industrial

British Empire More

British Empire 1700-1900 – Six lesson saver package


Teacup More

What can tea show about Britain from 1700?

Tea More

The role of Tea in Britain from 1700 – 6 Lesson Package


Peterloo More

How should we remember the Peterloo Massacre?

Swing Riots More

How much do you agree with the Professor about the causes of the Swing Riots?

Captain Swing More

Why did Robert and Joseph Mason take part in the Swing Riots?

Teacosy More

Design a tea cosy dedicated to our national drink

Empire plate More

The connection between tea, coffee, clothes and an antique plate

Richard Arkwright More

Should Richard Arkwright be in the National Portrait Gallery?

Zong More

Could you prosecute the captain of the Slave Ship Zong? 

Robert Blincoe More

Who benefitted most from the Industrial Revolution?

Ironbridge More

Where to site a museum to the Industrial Revolution

Poppy More

Why did Britain and China go to war in 1840?

Indian Mutiny More

Is John D Clare right about the Indian Mutiny?

Miners More

How successful in improving conditions was the 1842 Mines Act?

Manchester More

Should Peter Sanderson move to Manchester in the 1850s?

Potato Famine More

Was Britain to blame for the Irish Potato Famine?

Zulu More

Was Letitia Bunting right to walk out of Zulu? 


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