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Was there a shift in power during the Industrial Period? Knowledge Organiser

Download this knowledge organiser for this unit focusing on shifting power in the Industrial Period.

The unit provides you with enquiries showing how power shifted in this period. There is an overview which asks your students to asses to what extent the shifts in power were a result of protest and riots. This provides your classes with a timeline of political change and introduces the next few enquiries which look in more depth at protest.

You will focus on Peterloo and the Swing Riots. You will also look at the  significance of  the 19th century feminist movement by focusing on Harriet Taylor Mill and Annie Bessant.

This knowledge organiser provides your students with the core substantive knowledge they will need to know to be successful in this unit.

We recommend that you don’t give this out at the beginning of the unit of work. If you do it will take the mystery away from your lessons.

Instead, hand it out nearer the end of the lesson series when all but one of the lessons have been taught.

You can ask your class to use the knowledge organiser for homework and to get their parents to test them on the core knowledge within it.

Download it here.

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