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Germany 1890-1945

AQA GCSE history More

How to get the most out of the AQA 9-1 GCSE Germany Period Study


Soviet flag over Berlin More

What is the story of Germany between 1890–1945?


Kaiser Wilhelm II and mother More

How much was Kaiser Wilhelm II’s ability to rule shaped by his early life?


Kaiser Wilhelm More

What problems did Kaiser Wilhelm II face 1890-1914?


Wiemar cartoon More

What was Germany like in 1918? Produce an Audio Guide for a cartoon

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Stab in the back More

Was Germany stabbed in the back?

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Reichstag Versailles protest More

Why were the Germans so angry about the Treaty of Versailles?

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Hyperinflation More

Do you agree with a memoir from 1923?

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Wiemar republic More

Who was the biggest threat to the Weimar Republic 1919-23?

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Spartacus rising More

Putsches or money: which threatened early Weimar the most? AQA


Munich Putsch More

Was the Munich Putsch of 1923 a Success or Failure?

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Stresemann More

Was Stresemann really the saviour of Weimar?

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Hitler Chancellor More

Why did Hitler become Chancellor mystery

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Hitler More

How did Hitler manage to become a dictator?

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Nazi poster More

Was Nazi Germany really a paradise like an ex-Nazi described it?

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Heartfield iron-ore not butter More

How can historians disagree about the Nazi ‘economic miracle’ even when they look at the same sources?


Beer More

Why did fewer people criticise the Nazis in pubs and bars after 1933?

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Gestapo More

How do historians disagree about the Gestapo?

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Nazi propaganda poster More

What can an internet forum tell us what Nazis wanted from women?

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Metelmann More

Was Henry Metelmann a typical young Nazi?

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Nazi film More

Triumph of the Will: Can you beat the Online Expert?

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Night of the Broken Glass More

What really happened on 8-9 November 1938?

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Birkenau More

Was the Holocaust during World War Two inevitable?

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German opposition More

The opposition cocktail party – why did so few people oppose the Nazis?

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