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How can historians disagree about the Nazi ‘economic miracle’ even when they look at the same sources?

Heartfield iron-ore not butterThis enquiry helps your students develop an understanding of the Nazi economy. It takes a different approach to historical interpretations by showing how historians can have different views of the past, even when they use exactly the same sources.

This provides you with the building blocks for success at interpretations for 2016 GCSE.

Starting with John Heartfield’s brilliant photo-montage image (right), your students will go on to  use some interesting source material including easy to read data, graphs and photographs. They will extract information from these clues to support one of the two opposing interpretations about the Nazi economic miracle that they were introduced to at the start of the enquiry.

They can finish by answering the big question – can they explain how and why historians disagree?  This enquiry gets to heart of AO4 (the one on interpretations).


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