History Resource Cupboard – lessons and resources for schools

History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools

Pearson Edexcel Migrants, c800-present

This new HRC migration unit consists of 40 engaging GCSE lessons. They have been designed to help you to teach this exciting new topic with confidence through this fully-resourced scheme of work.

The lessons cover the required content and teach the skills necessary for success.

You can teach the lessons off the peg or adapt them to your individual classes needs.

Informed by the latest historical and pedagogical research, all 40 lessons are enquiry-led. 

They provide opportunities for re-capping and interleaving prior content. Your students will acquire new information and skills in a number of interesting ways; and applying this new knowledge to various end products and exam-style questions.

The thematic study focuses on the second-order concept of change and continuity. However, the lessons in this scheme of work help to develop students’ understanding of other important historical skills and concepts, including significance, causation, consequence, and similarity and difference.

All enquiries are designed to be accessible and motivating. And, support is provided for students through carefully-structured activities and opportunities for self and peer assessment.

So help your students to understand the varied and significant ways in which migrants and migration have shaped the British Isles through this important and engaging topic. AND, engage them by looking through the lease of social and cultural history.

Downloading the Lesson Saver Package gives you the course in its entirety – replacing the need for a textbook. Lessons can be taught as they are, or are flexible enough to be adapted to your own class’ needs

You can view the following units:

Medieval Unit.

Early Modern.


2oth Century

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