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1880-2004: How good was the view from the Reichstag?

ReichstagThis enquiry is a classic big-picture overview of over 100 years of German history. Look at the big view before diving into the depth of the course.

Berlin is THE city to visit if you study German and/ or Cold War history. However, the costs of school trips have rocketed in the past decade. Now, only the most privileged students can visit.

This can’t be right? The most disadvantaged sit back at school with a cover teacher, as you jet off to Germany’s capital…

At HRC we have put together a classroom-based tour for everyone to enjoy.

Your students will look at the views of and from the Reichstag at different times within this period. They will decide to what extent at each point it was a good or a bad time to be living in Germany.

You better hurry, your tour guide Georg Sandig is waiting for you outside the Reichstag in 1880…

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