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What really happened on 8-9 November 1938?

Night of the Broken GlassThe aims of this enquiry are for the students to act like investigative journalists. They know what has been officially reported about the scary events of November 1938 in Germany, but they need to find out the real story.

Can they use their historical investigative skills to get to the bottom of this? Great source work and great learning.

This makes a brilliant ICT enquiry. That is why we have included word documents for your students to use.

You drip in clues from eye-witnesses to allow your students to see that not all that was officially reported meets the eye.

This was a state sponsored terror campaign.

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  • Resource 1-2.5 – Sources, timelines, cards: DOC
  • Worksheet 1-2 – Sorting grid and newspaper report: DOC
  • Worksheet 2 (alternative) – Newspaper report: PDF

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