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What is the story of Germany between 1890–1945?

SovietWe love to start a new unit with an overview and here we ask: What is the story of Germany between 1890 – 1945?

This fantastic lesson gives your students an overview of all the main events they will be covering in this AQA period study.

Starting at the end with a teacher read,  engaging story from Ian Kershaw’s The End, can your students work out what happened over this fascinating 50 years of history? They will look at images and match them to captions to get an overview.

We then add an extra layer of challenge before your students check their learning with a short film clip. Next they make their own timeline.

Finally they work out what to call the three sections of this period study.

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  • Lesson presentation: PowerPoint
  • Lesson write-up: PDF
  • Resource 1 and 2: Historians story, pictures and captions
  • Worksheet 1: Choice of timelines

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