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What problems did Kaiser Wilhelm II face 1890-1914?

KAISER-WILHELM_2994889bWhat problems did Kaiser Wilhelm II face 1890-1914?

This lesson works really well with the previous enquiry on the Kaiser’s personality. Here your students work through a decision making activity.

They face the same problems as the Kaiser, but must try and make the best decisions possible.  This is a fun way to cover the new content 1890-1914.

There is extra information at each step and a scoring system to keep your students  engaged. Who will win? Who will lose everything?

When your class  have finished they  find out what the Kaiser actually did. Using their contextual knowledge your students go on to explain why he took the decisions he did.  This helps them to understand things in a more rounded way.

The enquiry  finishes by unlocking how to answer an exam question which asks your students to describe the problems Kaiser Wilhelm’s II government faced. The AQA mark-schemes seem to want a little more than a description so it is well worth spending the time on this.

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