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What problems did Harold face in the summer of 1066?

Harold GodwinsonThis decision maker lesson motivates your students to choose options for points and provides them with new contextual knowledge about the fateful summer of 1066.

Your students take on the role of adviser to Harold Godwinson. The face 5 problems Harold faced and have to decide which is the best option for Harold.

Each decision faces consequences for the King of England so your students need to act in the Kings best interest.

The lesson covers the following 5 problems:

  1. What Harold should do with a lack of support from his northern earls in early 1066?
  2. Should Harold send his troops home in September or keep them guarding the south coast?
  3. What should Harold do when he hears of Hardrada’s invasion?
  4. Should Harold march north to attack Hardrada?
  5. What should Harold do after his victory at Stamford Bridge when he hears William has landed on the south coast?

Your students fill in a table which summaries their choices, the consequences of their choices and what actually happened.

There is also a short test at the end of the lesson if you need pupils to write information in their books.

We also provide a stand-alone homework task that you can simply print out or upload for your students to complete.

Download lesson

  • Lesson presentation: PowerPoint
  • Lesson write-up: PDF
  • Resource 1: PDF
  • Worksheet 1: PDF
  • Homework task sheet: PDF
  • Film clip





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