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Preparing a news bulletin about the start of World War One

Franz FerdinandWhat would you include in a 30 second news bulletin to explain why World War One started?

This tried and tested end lesson acts as the antidote to the classic causes of World War One end task, the essay!

Many of us include a study the causes of World War One in our curriculum. But how many of us arm our students with this knowledge to use in a meaningful way?

This activity, originally designed by Alec Fisher  does just that. Students sort and classify the information they have gleaned about the causes of the Great War, and then they watch a 30 second newsreel and spot the errors it makes.

They go on to use their knowledge of the build up to war to write a more accurate 30 second news broadcast. They could then select 3 to 5 images and create their own clip and voice over – all high order thinking, meaningful and engaging.

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