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What can different stories we tell about Britain 500-today? An overview

  1. British History

This lesson creates a chronological framework for you to keep referring to throughout your Key Stage 3 course.

After building on their prior knowledge, it introduces your students to the main time periods from 500AD –  now. This helps develop their historical language.

They are asked to speculate where the certain key and potentially recognisable monarchs should go on the timeline before placing them into chronological order.

Having established this backbone you then give them 15 or so images to look at. These images match to captions and can be sorted into three themes that are going to be referred to throughout this Key Stage 3 course, ‘Beliefs’, ‘Power’ and ‘Ordinary life’.  These themes have been carefully chosen for KS3 so we can keep re-visiting them throughout the course. You can read more on this here.

By matching the images to captions, then sorting the information thematically then chronologically, your students see the overview of the pattern of a thousand years of British history in just one lesson.

They finish by spotting patterns and changes through time with the aid of some true /false statements.

We have also included key homework tasks in the form of a downloadable sheet which cements the key terminology, chronology and knowledge from the lesson.

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