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Who was the most successful Plantagenet monarch? Part 1: Henry II

Henry IIThis enquiry introduces you to a three-part enquiry into the Plantagenet kings (Henry II, Richard I and John I).

Teach this after the Monarch overview.

This first part of the enquiry focuses on Henry II. It uses a positive interpretation of Henry as a starting point: David Hume’s view of Henry, written in the 18th century.

Students then are asked to gather evidence from sources to support and/or challenge this positive view.

They revise their own views of Henry reign, as they are presented with more evidence.

Next, they use criteria to grade how successful they think Henry was.

Finally, if needed, you can get your students to write a review of Hume’s positive interpretation.

This enquiry fits in to the Medieval Power unit and helps your students gain this substantive knowledge. You can test this knowledge here.

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