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Who was the most successful Plantagenet monarch? Part 2: Richard I

Richard IThis lesson forms the second of a three-part enquiry into the Plantagenet kings.

The first part, on Henry II, is here.

In this lesson, the focus is on Richard I who is famously remembered as the instigator of the ‘Three Lions’ emblem as a sign of his power and martial strength.

This lesson encourages students to look beyond the typical understandings of Richard. They examining the reign of this monarch in more detail and considering the high and low points of Richard’s rule.

Students use their new knowledge of Richard’s life and career to smash a ‘wall’ of historical misconception, before returning to the criteria used to judge the first Plantagenet monarch to assess Richard’s relative successes and failings. 

If needed, an end product is provided: your students write a balanced caption for the pro-Richard statue which stands outside Parliament.

This enquiry fits in to the Medieval Power unit and helps your students gain this substantive knowledge. You can test this knowledge here.

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