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Was Saxon crime prevention primitive or sophisticated?

Cod. Guelf. 3.1 Aug. 2°Here, we introduce an enquiry approach to our course.  You engage the class with this tale from 602AD. The class listens to a narrator tell the story of Cedric’s attack on his neighbour. What will Cedric’s punishment be? Can your students go on to  use the clues to answer the big question: Was Saxon crime prevention primitive or sophisticated?

This enquiry based approach is a great way to teach history. We use it in a number of our lessons at Key Stage 3 and 4.

When your students  have finished you can introduce the most difficult question the Edexcel exam asks and help your students see how to structure this. We also introduce revision early as it is best done as you go along rather than at the end. Engaging? Yes. Accessible? Yes. Challenging? Yes!


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