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Which ‘new’ crimes worried the authorities in the Industrial Period?

10._SmugglersWhich ‘new’ crimes were the authorities most worried about in the Industrial Period?

This enquiry acts as an overview of how the Bloody Code was both a change and continuity, Then, again it brings so called criminals alive.

Your students will hear from a highway robber in a tavern, a smuggler on his way back from London, a poacher in his home and a Tolpuddle Martyr in Australia. As each ‘criminal’ talks to the class your students will listen, make notes about each particular crime and decide how threatening it was in the minds of the authorities and in reality.

We have provided you with the transcripts of our criminal conversations too, so your class can underline key points about what the criminals did and why they did what they did!

All of this will help them work out the differences between the attitudes of the governed and the authorities. The ‘factors’ are vital here.


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