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What factors are important in the history of crime and punishment?

What factors are important in the history of crime and punishment?

This lesson second lesson in our Crime and Punishment course introduces your students to the important ‘factors’.

To be able to explain when and why things changed or stayed the same, these nifty factors are vital to your student’s success. Although Edexcel use 5 factors, our experience of teaching this course before tells us we need to split the 5 and create 8.

The lesson starts with a crime survey, designed purposely to show your students that their attitudes, influenced by the media mean they think crime is much worse than it is. This helps establish two of our factors. After introducing the rest, we use a number of case studies showing executions through time. Can they spot the influential factors in each case study? This is really engaging and helps re-establish the time periods as well as the important factors.

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