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Year 7 Migration to Early Britain Lessons package

You can download all lesson enquiries in this really great unit on migrants to early Britain.

This unit introduces your students to differing migrant groups who came and settled in Britain before 1066. It includes the Celts, The Gaels, the Romans, the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

This unit centres around the question: What impact did migrant groups have the development of Early Britain?

Your download includes PowerPoints resources, worksheets for each lesson, resources for each lesson.

You also gain the introductory task, the knowledge organiser,  the assessment tasks and the tarsia in this handy package.

Here is list with links of what you get!

  1. Introduction Task: What impact did migrant groups have on the development of early Britain?
  2. Migrants to Early Britain Knowledge Organiser
  3. What can archaeological remains tell us about Celtic life in Britain?
  4. How did Boudicca resist the Roman invaders?
  5. What can we learn from Ivory Bangle Lady about Roman migration to Britain?
  6. Which migrant group had the biggest impact on early Scotland?
  7. Was Bede right about the Anglo-Saxon invaders?
  8. Did the Anglo-Saxons really lay the ‘foundations of England’?
  9. How did King Cnut consolidate control in England?
  10. Does Emma of Normandy deserve more credit for the impact she had?
  11. What does the Gosforth Cross tell us about the impact of the Vikings?
  12. Migrants in Early Britain Tarsia
  13. Year 7 Migrants to Early Britain Test
  14. What impact did migrant groups have on the development of early Britain? Final Task

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