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4. How did Boudicca resist the Roman invaders?

This enquiry focuses on Boudicca, the famous Celtic warrior who has been the subject of so much mythologising.

It introduces students to the Roman invasion of Britain, using Boudicca’s story to help exemplify the resistance that the Romans faced as they attempted to envelop Britain within their empire.

For the main activity, students are challenged to read and interpret an 18th century poem about Boudicca, before using clues to work out how ‘accurate’ the poem is.

A quote by Mary Beard gives students the chance to reflect on the extent to which we can trust accounts of this famous figure, given that it was Roman writers who did the most to create the ’myth’ of Boudicca.

Finally, students write ‘tweets’ from Boudicca’s perspective, imagining how she would have expressed herself at various significant moments in her life.

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