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At last…decent enquiry based A Level books

If there is one thing that we stand for here at historyresourcecupboard, it is teaching history through enquiry. After all, the word enquiry itself actually means history. It comes from those clever Greek chaps back in the day. The problem with most textbooks, particularly at A Level, is that they[…]

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#SHP12: Proud to be a history teacher

Have just got back from the brilliant Schools History Project Conference #SHP12. What a way to restore one’s faith in education. I don’t mind admitting that before this weekend I was beginning to get depressed with the endless bad stories in the press about schools and teachers letting kids down. […]

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O Levels: ‘Just a distratction from the omnishambles’?

I nearly crashed the car this morning when I heard the news that Mr Gove has plans to re-introduce o level style exams.  After I had re gained control of the wheel I checked the date. To my surprise it wasn’t April 1st. Let’s be clear. GCSE history  is not[…]

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Better the devil you don’t know?

When it comes to levels and history I have always had, what some might describe as a clear point of view. Put simply, the levels for history are an absolute nonesense and are not worth the paper they are written on. Marking one piece of work against a level is an[…]

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Cracking free History Teachers INSET in July

Why not come along to a free history CPD day on 11th July?Bring your whole department. Free CPD for History Teachers and History Leaders led by Richard McFahn at Worthing library 9.30 – 3.30, 11th July 2012 RAISING ATTAINMENT AT GCSE TEACHING FOCUS ‘I am bored of teaching the same[…]

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Am I out of fashion?

Maybe I am out of fashion? There has been a trend in schools over the last few years to provide most CPD for teachers ‘in house’ – in school.  Most schools have a ‘Teaching and Learning Group’, or are organised into ‘Learning Communities’, where teachers across the subject range share lesson[…]

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Bloody Marvellous: Brilliant new World War Two Website

Wow! I have just returned from the launch of a fantastic website which will help you update and enliven your lessons on World War Two. Funded by the National Lottery, the brilliant local studies team at Worthing Library led by the visionary Martin Hayes have got together the impossible. A[…]

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Why waste your time with lolly sticks?

Over the last few years Assessment for Learning seems to have been Top of the Pops. Most school Development Plans include three magic letters: AfL. These three letters, this magic bullet is going to improve all of our classroom practice and drive up attainment…isn’t it? Well if you are as boring[…]

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A mad mad world

I know its the holidays but I’m depressed. Over the last few weeks I have worked with a whole host of history teachers in many settings. Unfortunately the same depressing message seems to be coming through – we are all spending so much time tracking and analysing data, that we[…]

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Will it all end in lists?

Don’t know if you heard but at  Cambridge academic, Professor David Abulafia yesterday produced a list of key events that all students who study history in the future should know. The list was produced  for the Think Tank Politeia. The list below includes lots of what you would expect to teach: The[…]

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Great little link to Lord Kitchener

I was just looking at Vintage Festival stuff – it was set up by Wayne Hemingway (him of Red or Dead shoes and lots of other design classics). I noticed this great little link to Lord Kitchener. Clearly it isn’t just us at historyresourcecupboard who think that Kitchener firmly had[…]

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Maybe a little too full of Christmas cheer?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my first blog about the expert panels recommendations for the new National Curriculum.  I now think I was  little too full of cheer. On reflection and digestion, some of the recommendations see quite bizarre.  Great that history should be taught to 16, but[…]

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Compulsory history to 16: is the momentum is building?

Happy New Year and welcome to historyresourcecupboard’s new look website and blog. The blog has been added to keep you up to date with all things history teaching. Let’s face it – there is a lot going on at the moment.  At the back end of 2011, a little like[…]

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