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Please respond to the proposed changes to National Curriculum for History

If like me you are still spitting feathers over the history proposals then we need to make sure that we respond to the consultation in the correct manner. Time is quickly ticking away.

I heard a sneaky rumour that those people at the DFE (not politicians,  the civil servants) are monitoring the responses very carefully. Unsurprisingly the changes to history have caused the biggest outcry so far (probably because they are unworkable). We need to turn this trickle into a flood.

I would encourage you to respond and to ask all of your colleagues to respond. We need well reasoned arguments. Time, training and resources at primary, approach, lack of enquiry are a few starters. If you want some more read my post below.

 It is hugely important that in our responses we are very firm.  Instead of saying ‘it might be difficult’, and asking questions about this flawed document, do not ask questions. Just firmly explain.  We need to be stronger by using phrases such  as:

  • ‘This won’t work because…’
  • ‘This will be impossible to implement because…’
  • ‘If this is published in this form we will not implement it because…’
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