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Maybe a little too full of Christmas cheer?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote my first blog about the expert panels recommendations for the new National Curriculum.  I now think I was  little too full of cheer.

On reflection and digestion, some of the recommendations see quite bizarre.  Great that history should be taught to 16, but it is a big ole fudge not to examine it post Key Stage 3….

Then there is the small matter of slimming  Key Stage 3 down the two years. My view is that history at Key Stage 3 is the jewel in the crown of the history curriculum 5-19. GCSE is the armpit – we could be in position where we spend three painful  years teaching GCSE – yuck! SLTs may well expect us to spend most of this time explaining the strange workings of mark-schemes to our kids, rather than actually teaching them properly!

By the way – am blogging for Hodder history at the moment. Click here to have a read what I wrote about the expert panel and other stuff!

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