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How James Bond can help your history teaching

I went to see the latest James Bond film last night…cracking. What great entertainment.

I love a good Bond.  And, to put my neck on the line, I think that Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever.  Why? Well for loads of normal reasons. He is hard, tough, well dressed, likes a tipple, doesn’t say too much, is convincing as a killing machine…

But the main reason is… his voice. Having listened really carefully to him, it took me a while to work to place where I heard him else where…then it struck me. On a schools video that I have used loads of times with kids.  Mr Craig is the narrator to a BBC documentary on the rise of the Nazis made about 14 years ago!  You can watch it here.

For lesson ideas on using videos in the history classroom in general and this film in particular click here.

So there you go. James Bond can help your history lessons!

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