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Weimar Germany Revision Jenga with Resources

Wiemar republic

Revision / re-visiting information to make it stick is hugely important. Revising knowledge regularly will help your students remember better. Fact. To help with this process why not play Weimar Germany revision Jenga in your classroom? The resources are available here for you to download.

If you want to find out how to play one version of revision jenga, read this previous blog post. It seemed to act as a spark to spur a few fantastic teachers on. Keep reading for Katie Rawlinson’s / the history team at Noadswood School’s version of revision jenga.


EbbinghausIf you want to find out about how re-visiting information over longer periods of time is the best way  to get stuff into your students head (according to Ebbinghaus), read this blog post which includes advice on how to revise.

Essentially we need to regularly re-visit and remind ourselves of information over a period of time if we are to remember it.

Weimar Germany Revision Jenga

Katie posted a tweet with a photograph and guidance on how to play Germany Revision Jenga a few weeks ago. And,  she has kindly provided the resources so  you can simply download and play the game with your students. All you need is to raid the departmental budget to buy a few Jenga games.

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