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Double continuums to sharpen student’s historical thinking

We would recommend that you sometimes use double continuums to sharpen your student’s historical thinking. This neat idea is really simple. We all want to make our students think more. And I have found over the years that many don’t actually like to think. So this neat idea has helped me bridge this gap, and it  goes further than the use of a single line continuum. You know they type. At one end ‘Saxon justice was primitive’ at the other ‘Saxon justice was sophisticated’.  Or Henry VIII was a ‘very good King’ at one end, and ‘a bad King’ at the other. Having established the line, the students are then given a bunch of statements which they  plot along it  to show their thinking.

I don’t know about you but I often hear from kids  that one side of the argument is more important because ‘there are a more reasons on that side.’  But how important are the flippin’ reasons? Think God damn you child!

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