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Using knowledge to make meaning

Night of the Long Knives

The debate whimpers on. Knowledge and direct instruction against progress teaching ideas. This debate has been going on since the arguments over the birth of GCSE and before. Historical knowledge is crucially important – lets not forget it.  But so is the ability to use this knowledge well. We have[…]

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Weimar Germany Revision Jenga with Resources

Wiemar republic

Revision / re-visiting information to make it stick is hugely important. Revising knowledge regularly will help your students remember better. Fact. To help with this process why not play Weimar Germany revision Jenga in your classroom? The resources are available here for you to download. If you want to find out how[…]

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Teaching Historical Interpretations at GCSE

Teaching Historical Interpretations at GCSE. I am really, really pleased that Historical Interpretations has been placed at the heart of the 2016 GCSEs. After all, as Neil Thompson and Christine Counsell have stated, interpretations has always been the jewel in the crown of the Key Stage 3 concepts. Previously we[…]

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Your 7 step guide to Jenga for the history classroom

Here is your 7 step guide to  Jenga for the history classroom. This is a great idea for revision or for cementing that key  knowledge that needs to be remembered. The idea is simple. Kids play jenga and revise / learn.  It really is all about having fun and learning. What[…]

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Clever use of film clips in lessons

Clever use of film clips in lessons. With the omnipresence of YouTube we now have a wealth of film clips available to us as teachers. This is great in the 21st century classroom. Students should have a multi media experience in their lessons.  But, how well are we using video in[…]

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