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Strategies to improve grades in GCSE source evaluation

Labour isn't Working

After marking our mock exams a few years ago something struck me. Our students were often failing to get high marks on questions about source evaluation (this was the source paper for OCR Modern World). After closer analysis of examiners reports, mark-schemes and student responses, I realised that we needed some[…]

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Join our new membership service

Over the last term we have been working very hard to support you by improving the way our site works. Lots of people have contacted us to ask if we offer a subscription or membership approach. We have listened and the answer is now, ‘yes we do’.

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Future 2016 GCSE History exam specifications : what is on offer? Video Blog

Future 2016 GCSE History exam specifications : what is on offer? For more information about the proposed changes to the 2016 history GCSE examination specifications read our blog pages on AQA and OCR/ A, or Edexcel and OCR/B. If you want to know how the content proposed in the exam specifications varies from board to[…]

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Review of AQA and OCR/A proposed new History GCSE specifications for 2016

Having spent time last week looking at the proposed GCSE specifications and assessment materials for OCR/SHP and Edexcel, here I repeat the exercise for the AQA and OCR /A courses. Whilst reading the materials and quaffing tea,  I was attempting to  look at the proposals through a number of lenses: how[…]

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OCR GCSE question type book-marks

Do your students struggle to know exactly how to answer each of the very different questions posed on the OCR Modern World exam?  We do! That is why we have designed these neat book-marks. We often forget that students have between 8-12 GCSEs to study. Each one asks them to[…]

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