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OCR GCSE question type book-marks

Do your students struggle to know exactly how to answer each of the very different questions posed on the OCR Modern World exam?  We do! That is why we have designed these neat book-marks.

We often forget that students have between 8-12 GCSEs to study. Each one asks them to be able to do different things. Science and MFL are very recall heavy. English asks for extended writing that is different to history. Our kids have, in the past, struggled to know exactly how to answer the different questions on the exam. This is partly because each subject is asking them to do different things. Nightmare!!

This isn’t helped by the fact that those who set exams in history often move the goal posts from year to year to keep us on our toes. One year you will read in a mark-scheme or an examiners report how to get top marks. In the next this will change. All of this is highly frustrating. So, GCSE examiners, if you are reading this. Can you please make assessment forms reliable for those of us teaching in the classroom.

Yes we understand that you have to test the students ability to think for themselves. However, because of the EBacc more and more weaker students are studying the hardest subject in the curriculum and your medding isn’t helping them or us! Rant over (I think?!)

That is why we have put together what we think is the best way to answer each different question type.

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