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Creating curiosity: Ten stimulating starts to enquiries

If we are to create outstanding learning and learners, we need to engage our pupils to become curious in the classroom.  One way to help engage learners and create curiosity is ensure that all enquiries that start in an intriguing and stimulating way. This isn’t a new and revelationary idea. Good teachers[…]

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Five top activities with pictures in the history classroom


We love to use images in our lessons – always have done. Ever since we could photocopy them from books, print them onto sheets of paper and put them in front of kids we have used them. There are hundreds of possibilities for using pictures. Here are our five top picture activities[…]

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Developing a love of art through history

For many people working in schools these are dark days. Everything is being changed. Many of the changes seem to be made on purely ideological grounds. But spare a thought for our colleagues who teach the artistic areas of the curriculum. Less and less children will have access to these[…]

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Appreciating our artistic heritage through history

Appreciating our artistic heritage through history. One of my favourite resources to use in the History classroom is the visual image. I simple love using images in general and paintings in particular. It never ceases to astound me how well students respond to well chosen paintings and how, if used in the[…]

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Creating overviews – a few thoughts and ideas

I’m not sure who termed the phrase ‘parachutists and truffle hunters’ or when? But it is still as true today as ever: we need to help our pupils think about the big picture of history or a longer period of time. That’s why we thing creating overviews is a great[…]

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