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Year 7 Vikings and Climate lesson package

Download all of the resources in this timely and important unit of work.

The lessons centre around the question: ‘How does the climate help to explain the changing fortunes of the Vikings?’

This unit focuses on a number of different potential impacts climate change had on the Vikings including migration, culture, trade and mysterious lost settlements.

Your download includes PowerPoints resources, the introductory task, the assessment tasks and the tarsia in this handy package.

Here is list with links of what you get!

  1.  Introduction task: The Vikings and Climate Change?
  2.  The Vikings and Climate Knowledge Organiser.
  3. Overview: How far can patterns of Viking migration be put down to the climate?
  4. What does the Rök runestone tell us about the Little Ice Age?
  5. What impact did the climate have on Viking culture?
  6. How did climate and the environment help Viking trade develop?
  7. How can different types of researchers work together to find out more about the Vikings?
  8. Can we solve the mystery of the lost Viking settlement on Greenland?
  9. The Vikings and Climate Change Tarsia.
  10. Substantive Knowledge Test
  11. Disciplinary knowledge assessment – creating a weather forecast

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