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7. How can different types of researchers work together to find out more about the Vikings?

This lesson helps students to appreciate some of the ways in which different disciplinary approaches can help enrich our understanding of the past.

 Students explore the evidence used by archaeologists, geographers and natural scientists – along with historians.

In the lesson, students work in groups to make inferences from a range of sources.  They study archaeological remains, Viking longhouses, maps and scientific graphs.

They use this information in a bid to find out more about the Vikings who lived on the Lofoten Islands.

Students are challenged to make inferences about different aspects of Viking life, including trade, home life, and the ways in which the climate and environment impacted on Viking communities.

Finally, students create tourist guides for visitors to the Lofoten Islands.

They draw upon the information they have gathered from a range of researchers in order to summarise the key aspects of Viking life on the islands.

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