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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools


Africa Wider World Unit lessons package

You can download all lesson enquiries in this really great unit on Africa circa 1000-1900 This unit introduces your students to African history before  the late 19th century. 7 of the enquiries take The Kingdom of Benin. They explore its history through a combination of primary evidence,  a keen focus[…]

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Pearson Edexcel Migrants, c800-present

This new HRC migration unit consists of 40 engaging GCSE lessons. They have been designed to help you to teach this exciting new topic with confidence through this fully-resourced scheme of work. The lessons cover the required content and teach the skills necessary for success. You can teach the lessons[…]

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How much can we learn from George Catlin about the Plains Indian way of life?


This lesson introduces your class to the contemporary sources of American artist George Catlin.  Catlin chronicled the lives of Native Americans in the early 19thcentury via paintings and notes. Your students are encouraged to make inferences from this source collection to work out what they can learn about the native Americans.[…]

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Were migrants pushed from the East, or pulled from the West?

American migration

This enquiry allows your students to get to grips with the push and pull factors that dragged people West in the 1840s and 1850s. They will be introduced to a number of factors,  classify them as ‘push’ or ‘pull’ factors. They will then consider how important each factor was via[…]

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Why did the Donner Party’s westward migration prove to be such a disaster?

Donner Party

This lesson actually introduces your class to two famous westward migration stories: the Donner Party’s controversial failure and the Mormon’s migration success. By using the strong story line here the aim is to engage the students with a classic Phillips style ISM – anyone who says that students don’t need[…]

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Silk Roads Lessons and Assessment Package

You can download all lesson enquiries in this really great unit on the Silk Road. This unit introduces your students to the Silk Roads. It looks at Persia and its empire, the Mongols and the Macedonians, the development of trade and travel and the spread of religion. This unit centres[…]

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What was the significance of the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851?

Fort Laramie

This enquiry asks your students to critically evaluate a ‘dodgy’ interpretation written about the Fort Laramie treaty. They will look at the wording of the interpretation, cross-reference it with other evidence and then produce a more accurate account. This is great interpretations work meeting many of the types of analysis[…]

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Who benefitted most from the Homestead and Pacific Railway Acts?

Start by re-capping some of the key content from the first key question of the American West unit using the nifty worksheet below.   This enquiry (the first relating to key question 2 of the unit) asks your students to make sense of an historian’s interpretation, and then test its[…]

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Was the ‘Wild West’ really the ‘Mild West?

Wild West

This enquiry encourages students to engage with the stereotypical idea of the American West as lawless, brutal and frightening. Students consider a historian’s interpretation, in which it is argued that the ‘Wild West’ should actually be called the ‘Mild West’. Then, they look at a number of case studies in[…]

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What was it like to be a cowboy in the mid-19th century?


This enquiry develops students’ ability to make inferences from sources and to reach conclusions about why different sources might offer contrasting interpretations. Students are presented with a set of sources about the life of a cowboy and asked to make inferences about the cowboys’ lives and characteristics. Only having discussed[…]

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Germany 1918-39 for Edexcel 9-1 GCSE

Munich Putsch

Teach motivating GSCE lessons that will help raise attainment for the Edexcel 9-1 Germany 1918-39 Modern World Depth Study. These enquiry-led lessons take your pupils through the turbulent years of the Weimar Republic, the rise of Hitler in the early 1930s and the first six years of the Nazi regime.[…]

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What can different stories we tell about Britain 500-today? An overview

British History

This lesson creates a chronological framework for you to keep referring to throughout your Key Stage 3 course. After building on their prior knowledge, it introduces your students to the main time periods from 500AD –  now. This helps develop their historical language. They are asked to speculate where the certain[…]

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GCSE History: Guide to planning and teaching Edexcel 9-1 GCSE

Edexcel history GCSE

  Lots of thinking has taken place to decide the best way to structure the new Edexcel 9-1 GCSE history course. The rationale behind this plan comes straight from successful classroom practice. This Essential Guide shows you the best way to structure and teach the course. It focuses on the most effective way to organise the different[…]

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