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Silk Roads Lessons and Assessment Package

You can download all lesson enquiries in this really great unit on the Silk Road.

This unit introduces your students to the Silk Roads. It looks at Persia and its empire, the Mongols and the Macedonians, the development of trade and travel and the spread of religion.

This unit centres around the question: What travelled along the Silk Roads?

Your download includes PowerPoints resources, worksheets for each lesson, resources for each lesson.

You also gain the knowledge organiser and the assessment task.

Here is list with links of what you get!

Was Persia the Greatest of all ancient empires?

How did the Silk Roads Empires grow?

Does the Silk Road deserve its name?

How did emperors and violence spread the peace of Christianity?

What can an interview with Peter Frankopan tell us about the importance of learning about the Silk Roads?

Silk Roads knowledge organiser

Silk Roads summative test


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