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Silk Roads 1: Was Persia in fact, ‘ the Greatest of all ancient Empires?’

Persian EmpireThis enquiry focuses on introducing the notion of the Silk Roads through the narrative lens of the empires that grew up along its length.

Your pupils are introduced to Peter Frankopan and his seminal work.

They find out where the Silk Roads were. Next they focus on four different empires that grew up across the Silk Roads at different times. This means they compare:  The Roman Empire, The Macedonian Empire, The Persian Empire and The Mongol Empire.

This enquiry uses these empires as a way in to discuss connections, tolerance and relationships between nations and empire.  The goal here if for your students to see the ancient world as interconnected.

Students are given insight into these empires and their rulers, but also the idiosyncrasies that make each of these empires so intriguing.

They compare the different empires using criteria to help them decide if they think that Frankopan’s idea that, Persia was the greatest of all ancient empires that were situated along the Silk Road.

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