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Edexcel 9-1 GCSE history exam question bookmarks


Bookmarks Bookmarks.

By the end of your GCSE course it is helpful that your students know exactly what is required of them when it comes to answering different question types.

As you may know, teaching students just to pass the test is not why we entered the teaching profession.

We want students to love history and make progress in their historical thinking.

This is why the lessons that appear on History Resource Cupboard are planned around certain principles and aim to develop thinking in one or more of the unique second order concepts.

That said, teachers wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t also prepare students to understand the assessment requirements for the new GCSEs.

Neil has put together these handybook marks for Edexcel 9-1 History. You can download them at the bottom of this page.

They have been written in word so you can use as they are or adapt to your own needs.

Each one explicitly explains how students should tackle the different exam questions. They can keep them in their books / folders, and get the relevant book-mark out when you are focusing your work on particularly questions.

This is similar to the kinds of things you see in the back of the GCSE textbooks – how to answer exam questions. This kind of fingertip knowledge is useful.

If your students  can look at a question and work out what it requires then they will have a head start. If they can consider the best way to approach answering this particular question then they are thinking metacognatively .

According to John Hattie and the Education Endowment Fund this kind of thinking will help them make progress so it is important to teach them how to plan their own answers.

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Founder of History Resource Cupboard, Richard has worked for 20 years as a history teacher, subject and senior leader, Advanced Skills Teacher, local authority adviser and history ITE tutor.

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