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History Resource Cupboard - lessons and resources for schools


Teaching Historical Interpretations at GCSE

Teaching Historical Interpretations at GCSE. I am really, really pleased that Historical Interpretations has been placed at the heart of the 2016 GCSEs. After all, as Neil Thompson and Christine Counsell have stated, interpretations has always been the jewel in the crown of the Key Stage 3 concepts. Previously we[…]

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A mirror onto today: Why I grew to love teaching 1920s USA

Great Depression - queue

I have a confession.  During the last sixteen years, I have deliberately avoided teaching the USA 1919 -1945.  From my own selfish point of view, Germany and Russia always seemed more interesting. How wrong I was. This September, I started a new job at a new school, with a Year[…]

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History Revision Podcasts

In the History classroom, you, as the expert, are the most valuable resource. After all, you have a wealth of historical knowledge and a clear insight into what the GCSE examiners are looking for. However, you can only do so much to prepare your students for the final examination. You[…]

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History Resource Cupboard


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