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How word processing can help improve your students’ thinking and writing!

Technology moves at such a break neck speed that it is hard to keep up – in recent years the ipad and other tablet devices have complimented and to a certain extent replaced modern home computers and laptops.

My experience of working in different schools suggests that the delivery of history has not kept pace with these developments. Rarely in history lessons do youngsters have regular access to ICT – and if they do, the time is sometimes squandered researching on the old interweb.

At History Resource Cupboard we firmly believe that clever use of low level ICT programmes can help develop high level thinking. It is also amazing to see how reluctant writers are happy to move information around on a pc or laptop and turn it into  extended written pieces.

It is dead easy to make a meaty and challenging word processing task for your pupils. One tried and tested example called: What kind of Leader was Oliver Cromwell has been added below for free.

You can find another one in the lesson on Black Britain called: How much difference did Scarman make to the lives of Black Britain’s since 1981? They both demonstrate how much easier it is to select and move information to turn it into evidence on a PC.

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